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Hi Everybody, 


Please leave an introduction in this post please.




Feel Like Golf?

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Hi All - looking for some feedback please!

As a golfer who has lived in both urban and suburban locations, I enjoy playing golf outdoors but it is sometimes a hassle, so I do like the idea of golf facilities that are closer to home / more conveniently located and that are a bit more socially inclined. Additionally, given some of the damp and dreary weather conditions we've had this year, I've started to explore other ways to play, practice and socialize with friends by using indoor golf simulator facilities. At first I was skeptical but having seen their accuracy on the range, I became hooked! I know a number of facilities already exist in this space however, I felt that we could improve the model to make golf even more accessible, sociable and affordable. I mean, who doesn't like some snacks, a beverage or two and some banter whilst playing a round on pebble beach (albeit simulated)? Given our ambitions to make golf easily accessible to everyone, whilst lowering the barrier to entry and opening up the game to a wider audience + demographic - we've decided to create Please have a look at our website and let us know your thoughts (or reservations for that matter) - all feedback welcome!


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