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What does the term mulligan mean in golf?

4 golfers playing golf.

What does Mulligan mean in golf?

4 golfers playing golf.

Have you been playing golf and heard the term mulligan and wondered what the term means? A mulligan is basically where you can go back from the tee shot you have just hit, whether

It would be a slice, a hook, into a water hazard, or, in general, a bad shot that you want to do again. If this has happened to you on a tee shot, then you can actually do a mulligan. 

When can I do a mulligan, and how often can I use it?

You can only do this in casual play (not competitions)  because “mulligan” isn’t an official term and it’s not in the rule book. Golfers normally limit the number of mulligans they can do. A few examples are

on the 1st and 10th tees; some only allow it on the 1st tee, and sometimes your group may allow you to do this on the fairway too, but this entirely depends on the group you are playing with.

It is better for everyone in the group to agree on this to keep it fair. I wouldn’t suggest using mulligans often; they should be used sparingly, and you don’t always want to give yourself a way out of a tricky situation, and it’s good to

practise to try different shots. Some places where you may use this

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When might you not use a Mulligan?

Have you ever thought about when you might not use a mulligan? For example, let’s say you are on the first tee and it’s a nice sunny day (which I know doesn’t happen a lot in England) and you’re on the tee box and you hit a bad shot and it goes into the trees.

but you know roughly where it is (I know it could ricochet and go anywhere) and you may want to do a mulligan, but it is important to keep a fast play, so if you are wondering if I should use my mulligan, just be mindful of people around you.

Wondering where the Mulligan term came from?

If you are wondering where the term mulligan came from, please check out this article here.


My conclusion about the mulligan is that it is great for use in casual (just for fun games of golf), as sometimes it is nice to replay your shot after a bad one.

4 golfers playing golf.

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