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How to master your putting stance with these 5 tips

The Impact of Your Golf Stance on Putting Accuracy - Find Your Putting Stance with These Effective Tips

  •  5 Effective Golf Tips for Beginners and Amateurs Looking to Improve Their Putting Stance Putting is perhaps the most important shot in golf. After all, it determines the number of strokes you take on each hole and influences your overall score. However, it’s also one of the most difficult shots to learn and master for beginners and amateurs alike, especially from a distance. As a result, most golfers spend substantial time developing the ability to balance power and finesse to improve their putting accuracy. Unfortunately, many overlook the importance of their stance on precise alignment and focus on more common factors like putter quality and course conditions.

While these factors are undoubtedly important, they’re irrelevant if you can’t position yourself correctly and distribute your weight accordingly to strike the golf ball at its focal point. Therefore, in this post, we’ll explain the impact of your golf stance on putting accuracy and share five effective tips to improve your putting game.

Hopefully, with our advice, you won’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds at a UK golf academy when you can learn them on your own at a golf course near you.

How Golf Stance Affects Putting Accuracy

A golf stance is the posture you assume before taking any golf shot – drive, chip, punch, putt, etc. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in determining your shot’s outcome due to the following reasons:

1.      Foundation of Stability

A well-established stance with the feet shoulder-width apart provides a stable base, preventing unnecessary movements that could compromise accuracy.

2.      Precise Body Alignment

The way you position your body, feet, and grip impacts the alignment of the putter and, consequently, the path of the ball. A proper putting stance ensures you’re aligned correctly with the target, minimizing the chances of misdirection.

3.      Better Distance Estimation & Shot Control

A proper golf stance improves your ability to estimate the ball’s distance from the hole on the green so you can better judge the strength needed for the putt.

4.      Reduced Tension and Nervousness

A comfortable and confident golf stance can help reduce tension and nervousness during crucial putts. When you feel secure in your putting stance, you’re more likely to execute a smooth and controlled stroke, especially in high-pressure situations.

5 Effective Golf Tips for Beginners and Amateurs Looking to Improve their Putting Stance

Now that you understand the importance of a proper putting stance, here are five tips to improve your putting accuracy:

1.      Find Your Correct Stance in Golf

As established above, the key to improving putting accuracy is establishing a consistent and comfortable golf stance. Fortunately, there’s no rocket science involved in this. You simply need to ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart, with a slight flex in your knees. Once you do that, position the golf ball in the Centre of your stance.

2.      Buy a Golf Putting Practise Mat

A Golf Putting Practise Mat is a valuable tool for golfers, especially beginners and amateurs. They simulate the feel and conditions of a putting green, allowing you to practise putting from anywhere, be it indoors or in your backyard. Many modern variants come with alignment guides and markings that can assist you in adopting the correct putting stance and building muscle memory for proper alignment.

3.      Experiment with Grip Styles

Try various grip styles to find one that best suits your comfort and preferences. Common grips include the conventional, cross-handed, and claw grips. Choosing the grip that feels most natural enhances your control over the putter, leading to improved putting accuracy.

4.      Consistent Pre-Shot Routine

Create a pre-shot routine that involves a few practise strokes. With this approach, you can visualize the putt’s path and align your putter precisely. If you watch golf regularly, you must have seen many pro golfers do this before taking the shot.

5.      Read the Green

Finally, pay close attention to the green’s slope and contours before executing your putt. Understanding the terrain allows you to gauge the necessary speed and break for a successful putt. This awareness enhances your ability to navigate the challenges presented by the green, resulting in more accurate and strategic putting.


In conclusion, recognizing the impact of your golf stance on putting accuracy is the first step towards improvement. By incorporating our golf tips for beginners and amateurs into your game, you can take your putting stance to the next level in no time and become a more accomplished golfer.

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