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Most Sought-After Tips for Golf Cart Winter Storage 2022?

Most Sought-After Tips for Golf Cart Winter Storage 2022?

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Being a golfer, you know very well that playing in winter becomes next to impossible in places that experience heavy snow, like the Northern Areas, Scotland, & Wales. At that point, your golf cart also is of no use for a few months. When you’re away from your favourite courses, securing the golfing equipment is crucial, especially focusing on the golf cart winter storage.

Therefore, we’ll discuss the important steps and measures you need to implement for effectively storing electric golf carts for winter.

Battery Maintenance 

The first thing to focus on during golf cart winter storage is to fully charge its battery. Usually, golf carts come with 6-volt batteries. A full charge will ensure its readiness to roll whenever you try it next time. It even safeguards them from freezing in the winter season. 

Take the battery out and clean it thoroughly. Check the cables and clean them with baking soda and water if they’re dirty. Don’t fret if there are some signs of corrosion on the battery. Even a few newly installed batteries can develop them over time. 

Check & Refill Water Levels 

Check the water levels and refill it 1/4th of an inch above the plates after fully charging your battery. However, you should always check the user manual for specific guidelines.

Do not refill water if your battery isn’t fully charged, as it can lead to electrolyte flow, causing damage. Moreover, always use distilled water for refilling the battery if you want safe golf cart storage in winter.

Manage the Switches

While storing electric golf carts for winter, many golfers forget to set the switches properly. If your model has a run/tow switch, make sure to turn it to run/storage; otherwise, all the batteries will drain in no time. 

Check Tire Pressure 

The next step in golf cart winter storage is to check the air pressure in all four tyres. Usually, the pressure should be between 15-25 PSI. However, check the user’s manual to determine the right numbers for your golf cart.

Keep your tyres inflated as much as they will deflate automatically during the hibernation of your golf cart. If you don’t fill them well enough, the weight of the golf cart might damage them. 

Clean the Cart Thoroughly 

While you focus on charging the battery and inflating tires, make sure you also clean the golf cart thoroughly before storing it. Many people overlook this step when they store golf carts, which later causes several problems.

First of all, check all the compartments in your cart for any perishables. Usually, people forget snacks and drinks, which cause bacterial growth if not removed effectively. Clean the flooring and upholstery to make the cart smell good.

Ensure a Leveled Ground 

Golf cart winter storage should be levelled appropriately to keep everything in shape while stopping free movement. Just put stoppers behind the tyres to prevent movement but make sure to disengage the parking brakes— this will reduce pressure on them.  

Find a Secure Place 

Storing your golf cart in a climate-controlled setting is the best choice. Although you can do golf cart winter storage in a garage, it will take up space unnecessarily that might be used for parking a vehicle or for something else.

If you have decided to store the cart in a storage unit, measure it first. Usually, a 10×10 storage unit is enough for a cart. Remove the cart keys and store them in a familiar place for later use.

Try not to store the cart in an exposed or semi-exposed space, as it will be prone to snow, storm, rain, etc. Use a waterproof cover and secure it in a way so that it can withstand strong winds.

Pat yourself, as you have done a fantastic job. Simply take a cover and wrap the golf cart smoothly. 


After reading this article, you have all the important information you need for storing an electric golf cart for winter. Make sure you diligently follow every step, from recharging the battery to finding safe storage space to avoid any mishap. We hope you make the maximum out of this information and secure your golf cart effectively. 


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