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Golf Ball Compression: What it is & Does It Work?

Golf Ball Compression: What it is & Does It Work?

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Back in the day, golf ball compression rating was a significant difference-making factor. But, with the innovations and improvements in the ball-making processes, this concept has become obsolete. 


If you’re wondering what golf ball compression is and how it works, this write-up answers all your queries. Let’s delve into it;

What is Golf Ball Compression?

When a golf club strikes a ball, the amount of deformation that results are measured as golf ball compression. Depending upon the amount of compression, this can be divided into three types:

Low-Compression Ball

The golf balls with softer cores are generally low-compression balls. These require lesser force to activate the core helping senior people with slow swing speed. Their compression rating is usually below 70. 

High-Compression Balls

These are the hardest balls requiring higher force to activate the core. These are usually ideal for high-speed swings to cover maximum distances. High-compression balls offer desirable flight, control, and spin rates. Though everyone can use it, people with swing speeds higher than 100 MPH would get ideal results using the high-compression balls. 

Medium-Compression Balls

These are intermediate among the other two types. These facilitate maximum ball distance for medium-speed swings. 

By reading all these, you might be wondering what swing speed is. Is it any different from golf ball compression? Let’s find out:

Golf Ball Compression vs. Swing Speed 

Just like knowing about wearing two gloves while golfing, understanding swing and compression are also important. 

Compression allows the golf ball to absorb contact power and convert it into the distance. The swing speed is how quickly the golf club moves as it strikes the ball.

Driving distance and swing speed have a direct relationship. Your ability to strike the ball farther has been demonstrated to increase with your swing speed. 

How to Achieve Golf Ball Compression?

Here’s how to achieve the right compression for optimal results:

  • As you approach the delivery area, be sure your right palm is pointing toward the floor. Thus, the appropriate downward strike will be ensured.
  • To achieve balance in your action, you must move your left side up and back while your right side and right hand are pressing down on the ball.
  • The weather is one uncontrollable factor that may impact the golf ball you select. It would help if you could keep an eye on the temperature before playing a round of golf. You might prefer a ball with a lower compression level if it’s cold outside because hitting a high-compression model far will be more difficult.
  • Your right foot should be firmly planted on the ground, and the rest of your body should be positioned behind the ball. The right leg and hip should be the sources of energy.
  • You will achieve more distance from low compression balls because they move more. While high-compression balls won’t flex as much, they usually offer better accuracy.

Your swing speed, driving distance, and ball compression would be decisive factors in successfully executing a stroke. 

Do all Golf Balls Lose Compression with Use and Time?

Over time, golf balls can lose their bounce due to compression loss. Golf balls lose their bounce and sink into the ground more quickly when their compression drops. Routine ball maintenance is essential to keep your golf ball in great shape and extend its life.

Bottom Line

Low-compression balls will compress too much if you have a faster swing speed, resulting in less-than-ideal performance. For consistent performance across the field, playing with the appropriate golf ball and the shaft is critical. 

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